Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tips 3 on How to Make Money From Blogging

With the whole explosion of web 2.0 in recent years there has also been a massive explosion with the growth and use of blogs. The surfer interaction capabilities of a good blog is now making static websites look completely out of date now matter how hot the graphics or layout are.

In the US alone there are over 90 million unique hits to blogs every month and growing fast. So there's a sure fire trend here and it's no wonder people are making money with the amount of hits possible. But how does the ordinary guy or gal start to make money with a blog?

Well here are my top 3 tips on how to do just that, all for free:

* Find your niche! Your blog has to target in on one topic area. It can be whatever you like, maybe a hobbie or interest or perhaps you can research some hot trends that entice people to spend like weight loss for example. Here's my insider bonus - have a blog that solves problems. So if you have surfer who suffers with terrible migraines every day and your blog is about how to cure migraines for good. Do you think they will visit you and buy a solution? Oh yeah!
* Get something digital to sell. This is simple and digital products are the best as there is no physical handling of products for you to deal with. There are affiliate programs on just about anything you can think of from weight loss through to dog training. You can sign up to these through a site like clickbank or hunt them out with ease on google. Sign up for free and promote these on your blog.
* Now you have to get visitors to your blog that are highly targeted. So if your selling a migraine cure ebook, you want visitors who are sufferers of this condition. This is where SEO comes in. You need to build your blog around a keyphrase targeted to your required visitors. A migraine may type this into google - "cure for migraine". If your blog is called 'cure for migraine' and has lots of good content around this topic, google will show it when someone types that phrase into the search engine. OK it's a little more complicated than this but it is possible, especially when you dig deep into SEO strategies.

If you want to know how to make money from blogging then I really recommend getting to know the workings of SEO or search engine optimization. There are now actually a few simple methods to get your blog ranking really high in any niche.

If you know what these are then you don't have to build huge sites with thousands of backlinks or spend pain staking hours submitting your blog to different search engines.

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