Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting SEO Consultation

You have put countless hours into researching how your business can be profitable on the Internet. You may have decided after wading through a sea of information that these things are best handled by a professional, but do you know how to make best use of that initial contact? The first step at most Search Engine Optimization companies is a consultation. This may be anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour long and may take place over the phone. This conversation will help you to get to know what their company can offer you to best fit your needs.

Know what you would like to accomplish through the SEO services?

Are you looking to increase traffic, get listed in the major search engines, convert more visitors to buyers or improve your website content or sales letter? When you know specifically what you want your website to achieve or the gains you would like for your business, it helps to lead the discussion into what the professional can provide for you.

Ask Questions.

It is very important that you ask all questions you may have during this initial discussion, are you having trouble understanding the terminology or lingo that is being used in the consultation? All industries have a language that is all their own, and Internet marketing is no exception. When the professionals you've hired use terms or technology that may not be familiar to you it is important you get clarification.

Have a budget and timeline in mind

Having a place to start as far as budget is concerned can help us to best narrow down where you should start. This can be especially helpful if your budget is somewhat limited. It is important to discuss timeline as well, many of our services require ongoing maintenance and results are achieved over time. It is important to ask how long it may be before results are produced.

Be flexible

An SEO company like CU Innovative Marketing will be looking at your website with a fresh set of eyes, it is important to be open to methods and standards that you may not be familiar with. Internet technology changes very rapidly and effective we stay on top of what is working now, through testing and careful evaluation we know how to best integrate these methods into your search engine optimization plan.

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