Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Effects of Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising, if done correctly and in a professional manner, can make a gigantic impact on the effectiveness of a marketing plan. There are many ways available of accomplishing this task. One way that can be utilized would be to sign up your business on a couple of high traffic social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. This will allow you to make new connections for networking and also keep in contact with potential clients or people that are interested in what you do. Considering who you know makes up a huge percent of the amount of work you get when it comes to being in a business, this is a great way to start off and will literally cost you zero dollars to accomplish and just a little bit of time to start seeing some results. Another way that you can use the internet to drive more traffic to your company is to use a pay-by-click advertising service such as Google's Ad Words. This works very simply and you can set it to whatever budget that you want so that you do not go over your limit of the amount of money you would like to spend on advertising within a monthly time period.

MySpace and Facebook also have plans that will show your banner to potential interested people. These companies go based on what somebody searches for as a keyword. So for example, if somebody search "online web store", sponsored pay-by-click results that might come up would most likely include, eBay,, etc. These different web companies drive traffic to their sites with this kind of advertising and in return pay around an average of five cents per click that they receive. If these types of things are used together in a new system for a company's advertisement plan (in correlation with other means of marketing), a company can really soar quickly and see some pretty big results from its efforts. One could begin any of these efforts on a very minimal budget (if not for free) and within weeks could have numerous new clients and people that are interested in their business.


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