Monday, August 10, 2009

Create an Audio Postcard

Audio postcards are an innovative way to add a rich layer of interactivity to your website. With an audio postcard, you can record your greeting, upload a photo, dress up your postcard with numerous styles and colors, and even add a stamp for an extra touch of realism.

You can also use audio postcards in business as well. Record a special offer for your best customers, give away a freebie to new users, or offer a discount code based on an event or holiday. Audio postcards are excellent tools for email campaigns and stand out in a way that boring text emails can't beat.

To create your postcard, you'll first need to make your recording. It can start out as a .wav file, as you can use the software tool below to convert it to a much faster-loading version. Once you have your recording, you'll need to select the photo to go with it. The software I use, Audio Postcard Creator (link below) lets you instantly add your photo and message and it takes over from there.

Using this software, you can select from many different styles and looks, including themed stamps to give it that travel-ready appeal. The graphics and HTML template used to actually make the postcard look are created for you automatically, so you don't need any website editing experience. Of course, if you know how to work with basic HTML, you can customize your postcard even more!

The most important thing to remember about using an audio postcard is that it must load quickly. No one is going to wait while a huge audio file is downloaded to their email inbox or browse your web page and wait for your offer to show up. Fortunately, the technology used to make your presentation guarantees that it will load within 10 seconds or less - even on dial up!

The software itself is actually a small part of six different audio programs called Total Web Audio, which are used to create and edit professional-grade audio on your website. Using this software suite, you'll never need another audio software program to convert, upload, mix and edit your audio files.

As you'll see, creating an audio postcard is a simple, 3 step process that anyone can do in minutes, even if you've never used one before. See a free demo and download the software by visiting the link below.

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