Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Add Audio to Your Website

Have you ever visited a website - and heard voices? It's not in your head. Audio is quickly catching on to give websites a fresh, interactive feel that brings them in as participants, rather than casual observers, of your product or service. So how do you add audio to a website? You'll need a few basic tools to start with, however they're very inexpensive and you can be up and running in an hour or less once you know what steps to take.

First you'll need to make a recording or have one made for you. Typically most recordings are saved in .wav or possibly .mp3 format. .Wav files take up heaps of space and take a long time to download on a website, especially for dialup users, so you'll want to make the file size as small as possible without losing sound quality. Unless you know the ins and outs of audio editing software, editing wav files or mp3 files can be a pain. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be difficult to edit your files like a pro once you see the program I recommend (below).

Once you have your file edited and converted, it's time to place it on your web page. This can be tricky if you're not familiar with HTML files or FTP - the process used to put your files from your computer to the web. Some people hire web developers to add the audio for them, but it's incredibly straightforward and can be done in 5 seconds once you see how simple it is. Then once the audio is actually on your page - there's the matter of customizing the player itself.

We've all see those gaudy huge play, pause and stop buttons on some websites - the kind that scream out and demand attention. You don't want the audio to take away from your message but rather add to it. You might even consider an extra professional touch by adding intro or exit music to your presentation. The right audio software will not only let you choose from several different audio graphics, but will also let you customize your player to blend in seamlessly with your website.

One of the more recent benefits of adding audio to a website is the ability to trigger specific events. If you're talking about your newsletter and want to pop up a new window that lets people subscribe the moment you mention it in your audio, it's now possible to do just that - with absolutely no coding or technical experience. How many extra subscribers could you get with this one extra feature?

Choosing the right audio software to add audio to a web page shouldn't be difficult or have a huge learning curve. From start to finish, converting, editing and uploading your file should take an hour or less - and it can when you use the software I've outline below.

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