Friday, August 7, 2009

Make Money Taking Surveys - Four Groups Who Can Succeed

There are essential four primary groups of people who can benefit from paid surveys. Here is a closer look at these groups:

Options for those full-time moms

There has been an age-old choice that women have had to make after having children: whether to work outside the home full-time or to become a full-time mom. In the 1950s and the 1960s, mother traditionally stayed at home and took care of the children. The 1980s had a focus of "climbing the corporate ladder" in the workplace. We work hard to receive promotions. Nowadays, the economy as well as high day care cost has led to more women being full-time caretakers. They take care of their children but also may be taking care of aging parents. There are opportunities to work from home; full-time mom can make money taking surveys.

Part-Time Second Job

Survey taking is not a job exclusively for full-time jobs. Many single and married individuals work full-time jobs and are struggling financially. They have cut their budgets as far as they can. They want to retain their home so their first allocation of salary goes toward the mortgage payment. High grocery bills and fuel costs have further compromised the family budget. A little extra income is all that is needed to maintain a good quality of life. For a stress-free job, you can make money taking surveys in the evenings. Additionally, if you own your own laptop, go into an empty conference room at lunch or out to your car and complete a few surveys during your lunch hour.

College Students

The busy life of a college student includes classes, research on the Internet, study groups and writing papers. There is little time available for a conventional part-time job after those activities are done. A college student can make money taking surveys in the convenience of their room at the parents' house, an apartment or a dorm room. An additional benefit is that it can be done anytime of the day or night. It allows the college student to work on days when schools is closed or those days that he/she may have only a few classes. Companies like to have the opinions of those in the 18 - 25 years old bracket because they tend to purchase a lot of items. This demographic leads the buying trends for other age categories.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are another category who is more likely to make money taking surveys. With the fall of the stock market and higher costs of living (such as groceries, medical bills, insurance costs, etc), retirees are looking for ways to supplement their Social Security. The older generation have become comfortable on computers now but to their kids and the grand kids. Flexibility in scheduling is also very important to senior citizens. They live a full rich life filled with golf outing, bridge clubs, doctor appointments and the back-up babysitter for the small grandchildren. This means that they can complete surveys early in the morning, in-between activities or at night. The sheer size of the senior demographics must be acknowledged. Companies look for their insight into preferences on the surveys. Seniors can make money taking surveys so that they can buy extras from time to time.

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