Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Create SEO Content The Easy

If you are just getting started in Alternative Marketing, either using in house staff or an outside agency, you may have been faced with a daunting warning. You are going to need to produce A LOT of content - on an ongoing basis, forever - to fuel the beast that is an ongoing Search Engine Optimization effort and a robust Social Media campaign.

As a leader who has to run a business, you may already be working 20 hours a day and have no talent for writing. To an SEO professional, that doesn't matter. The SEO pro probably told you that you should write a blog. (You probably should, but that's another matter.)
It should be obvious why you need timely supply of content for a Social Media campaign, but why do you need an ongoing SEO effort?
  • Search algorithms change
  • Competitor behavior changes
  • Search terms/phrases change as buzzwords, acronyms and tastes change
  • Your goals will change - broader or different products, services or geographies
  • Something isn't working

Even if you don't buy into the above, if you spend a bunch of money on SEO and then stop, your results will decline and you will eventually see the light.
The good news is that in the normal course of your employees running a business, they are creating a lot of content that can be used by your SEO folks.
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Sales presentations
  • Company/industry events
  • Customer feedback
  • Industry trade press
  • Industry laws and regulations
  • How to/best practices lists
  • Company announcements, press releases
Your SEO people at first are not going to know what collateral material exists, or what elements are especially relevant for your business, but your rank and file employees do. If your business wants to rank highly in a search for "best Caterer Princeton NJ", before reinventing SEO content that speaks to your Princeton catering expertise, look around your company for pictures of recent projects or Princeton customer testimonials. Sales materials are particularly useful. If you are willing to say something to a prospective client in a meeting, by all means you should be saying it on your website and probably in your Social Media efforts.

Who Should Be Doing It?
Ideally, someone in your marketing department should be your point person on aggregating content. Again, you don't necessarily have to create anything new, you can repurpose the content that is naturally created in the course of running your business for your SEO and Social Media needs.

Now Create A Culture Around It
Once your marketing people get in the flow of thinking of how your business content can be used by your SEO and Social Media team, let the rest of the company know about it. You could even establish rewards for employees that supply content that eventually ends up on your website. Don't sit around and hope for positive customer testimonials, ask your employees to go out and get them.

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