Saturday, May 5, 2012

6 Tips for a Novice Blogger

A blog is a fantastic tool if used correctly. If you are a business, you can use it to go into great detail about particular products or services you offer. Your blog could potentially generate a massive amount of traffic and provide your audience with hugely relevant information.
Here's my guide to ensuring that you are firing from all cylinders.

Get the name right
The title of your blog is an opportunity to attract visitors and describe what exactly it is you are writing about. Without stating the obvious, if you have a tennis blog, then your title should reflect that. Have a look at what other people are calling their blogs and get inspired.

Looks aren't everything
Don't get too caught up in making your blog look like a million dollars. WordPress and Blogger can do this for you. I would recommend that you focus on getting a network of loyal followers to begin with. Once you have proved the model, then it's time to invest in your blog to improve its look. But be careful you don't alienate anyone. There's a reason they are following you and it's probably you.

Content is key
Focus on your content. Content is also essential for SEO purposes but we can focus on that another time. Get into the mind of your readers. What do they want to know and learn from you? Are there any topics that are hot and need to be written about? Spend time ensuring that your blog is of the best possible quality. The best bloggers will write a little bit about themselves, but mainly focus on the blog topic. Not everyone wants to know what you had for breakfast!

Use lots of brilliant pictures. By taking the pictures yourself you are adding real authenticity to you blog. My favourite blogs are the ones that you feel part of the writer's life. Cooking blogs are great examples of how you can add a splash of colour to you page. It also helps the reader see what they are trying to achieve.

Be yourself
This is probably the most important point. If you can't be yourself, then who can you be? No, that's not a lyric from a song! If you write with honesty, humility and integrity you won't go far wrong. Just be yourself and have fun with your topic. It will really come across in your writing.

Blog all the time
If you blog all the time and you know what you are writing about then you are going to build up followers. Every now and again is not good enough! Set yourself up with a blog schedule and stick to it. The more you write the more you will improve as a writer!

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