Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quotes Database

If you are a programmer C, Delphi, VB, PHP, javascript, mysql or other, whether you're hard to remember the essential functions of various programming languages? Did you know these tips or shortcut is important from an application like Adobe Photoshop, the command in Linux, Windows and others? To make it easier to remember, just download Cheat Sheet.

Cheat sheet (reference card) is a summary of the functions or important tips are usually provided in PDF or Image (PNG) in just one or a few sheets. Here are some addresses that provides collection [link] cheat sheets ranging from programming languages, databases, web design, web programming, applications such as Photoshop, Google, commands in Linux / Unix, Windows, referencing a weblog, blogging, Firefox and others.

Distance Learning from internet

Along the development of technology and the progress of time,many facilities and all that makes our jobs. Especially in thedeveloping world of the Internet. All what you need in the world of the Internet, for example you want to find any definite information on the Internet. and we do not have to waste time to go into the world of the Internet, because we sit at a computer or laptop. can access theinternet.

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