Sunday, April 29, 2012

Start a Cleaning Business

Take a walk through any city. Wherever you find people working or families residing means there is cleaning to be done. With the rapid pace of life these days, more and more people are delegating their cleaning to others. Rather than hiring in-house, businesses are subcontracting out their cleaning duties whilst working mums are resorting to hiring cleaners to help maintain the household. There is plenty of work to be had out there, you've just got to work out a way to get it.

Starting your own cleaning business means you become the boss. To become successful you will need to develop business and organisational skills, communicate with clients and staff, manage your business administration, develop marketing plans and sell your service to prospective customers. Above all else is servicing the needs of your current clients. Obtaining a new client takes great effort, so protect your base, make every effort to ensure the satisfaction of your regular clientele. This gives you every chance that they will remain loyal and you will retain their business into the future.

Whilst there is plenty of work to be had, there is also plenty of competition in the cleaning industry, an industry often regarded as cutthroat. As an owner/operator establishing a new business be prepared to work long hours, working into the nights and on weekends. Be meticulous and reliable. With hard work comes experience. You will soon develop a reputation which you can then use when spruiking to potential clients.
Whether you are looking to start anew in the industry or already employed as a cleaner but wish to branch out on your own, remember that all businesses have small beginnings. My first job in the industry came about through a family contact. Your start may come from similar means, by word of mouth, by networking family, friends or work colleagues. Other techniques may include advertising, leaflet drops, selling your service door to door and to local businesses or online marketing. Whatever your method persistence pays and when that opportunity comes your way grab it with both hands and run with it.

To get my business up and running I first had to develop a business identity. This meant registering a business name, acquiring an Australian Business Number and organising business insurance. For marketing purposes I then designed a company logo and had printed business cards, developed a website and networked with local business. It was not long before we as a business had a steady income from regular clients across a spectrum of industries.

With focus and a willingness to succeed your business is sure to steadily grow. Don't limit yourself to doing all the work. In order for your business to truly thrive you will need to expand your operations. This can be done by employing staff and subcontractors, however be sure to monitor their work and that cleaning standards are upheld.

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